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JP-S6153650-A: Magnetic toner patent, JP-S615379-A: Disk rotating device patent, JP-S6155391-A: Oil supply device for rotary compressor patent, JP-S6155458-A: Different center transmission patent, JP-S6155668-A: Image recording device patent, JP-S6155955-A: Iil semiconductor device patent, JP-S6156631-A: Bio-feedback apparatus patent, JP-S6156692-A: Ceramic needle patent, JP-S6156769-A: Reflow soldering device patent, JP-S6157350-A: Printing head of wire dot printer patent, JP-S6157621-A: Phenylene sulfide copolymer and its production patent, JP-S6158248-A: Thin type semiconductor device patent, JP-S6159086-A: Patch tool for back-filling pipe penetrating sleeve patent, JP-S616052-A: Mechanism for preventing wrong operation of car lock patent, JP-S6161386-A: Energizing device in production line patent, JP-S6166339-A: Ignitron patent, JP-S6166673-A: Picture forming apparatus patent, JP-S6167307-A: Differential amplifier patent, JP-S6167427-A: Water tank for hatching salmon fishes and feeding young fish patent, JP-S6168188-A: Method of piping city gas conduit patent, JP-S6169010-A: Automatic focusing device patent, JP-S6169098-A: Multicolor matrix screen accompanying connection between lines and columns patent, JP-S6170454-A: Skip mechanism of probe for inspecting pipe and joint patent, JP-S6172023-A: Thermosetting resin composition patent, JP-S6172045-A: Electrically conductive paste patent, JP-S6173609-A: Cosmetic puff patent, JP-S6174006-A: Control device of articulated robot patent, JP-S6175232-A: Sampling method patent, JP-S6175442-A: Processing procedure determination system of decentralized data base control system patent, JP-S6175651-A: Modulator-demodulator patent, JP-S6175938-A: Data control system of optical disk patent, JP-S6177268-A: Zinc alkaline battery patent, JP-S6177349-A: Cooling method for hybrid ic patent, JP-S6178807-A: Production of synthetic resin molding having surface excellent in scratch resistance and antistaticity patent, JP-S6179181-A: Ultrasonic range measuring instrument patent, JP-S6179246-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S6181215-A: Suspension control unit patent, JP-S6181312-A: Chain-conveyor patent, JP-S6182210-A: Initial position control device of trackless trolley car patent, JP-S6182614-A: Dry type bushing patent, JP-S6183692-A: High efficiency sliding member using under water-containing lubrication patent, JP-S618490-A: Engine-driven type rotary compressor patent, JP-S6185579-A: Judging method of car fuel patent, JP-S6186100-A: Die device for progressive feed press patent, JP-S6186142-A: Screw fastening control patent, JP-S6186185-A: Division type torque transmission gear patent, JP-S6187958-A: Accelerating fuel feeder for carburetor patent, JP-S618870-A: Slide contact unit patent, JP-S6189496-A: Heat radiating plate of heat exchanger patent, JP-S6189691-A: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, JP-S6189868-A: Image-forming device patent, JP-S6190691-A: Sewing machine forming pattern stitch patent, JP-S6191206-A: Formation of ultrathin film patent, JP-S6191953-A: Method for presoldering of lead wire patent, JP-S6192112-A: Vibration-damping damper for stretched cable patent, JP-S6192593-A: Production of peptide like leumorphin patent, JP-S6193324-A: Integral type air conditioner patent, JP-S6195048-A: Damping material patent, JP-S6195737-A: Coating method of core patent, JP-S6198038-A: Synchronous detection system patent, JP-S6198147-A: Plural step angle pulse motor patent, JP-S6198338-A: Original tray moving type copying machine patent, JP-S6199008-A: Combustion wick patent, JP-S6199444-A: Switching system patent, JP-S6199880-A: Sound collection type sound source survey device patent, JP-S62100214-A: Bundling part string case in combine patent, JP-S62101880-A: Fuel feeding device of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S62102226-A: Illuminating structure for liquid crystal television device patent, JP-S62102317-A: Process switching device patent, JP-S62102573-A: Superconducting switching circuit patent, JP-S62102599-A: Power module patent, JP-S62102739-A: X-ray tomographic apparatus patent, JP-S62104443-A: Source apparatus of solar battery patent, JP-S62104775-A: Thermal head burnout preventing circuit of thermal printer patent, JP-S62105135-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material for direct positive patent, JP-S62105631-A: Anciliary equipment for converting pressure patent, JP-S62107273-A: Ignition timing control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S62107946-A: Grinder for teeth and bone patent, JP-S62108077-A: Printer patent, JP-S6210824-A: Buffer type gas breaker patent, JP-S62108266-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S62108369-A: Compound image filing system patent, JP-S62108495-A: Structure of thin film el panel patent, JP-S62108858-A: Trans-n-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylthiopropenamide patent, JP-S62110233-A: Radiating body structure for electron tube and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S62111013-A: Flexible film dam patent, JP-S62111144-A: Air-fuel ratio controller for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S62111268-A: Optical printer head patent, JP-S62111885-A: Rubber roller patent, JP-S62112628-A: Mixing of liquid substance with thermoplastic resin particle patent, JP-S62112658-A: Organic compound and its production patent, JP-S62113295-A: Software vending machine managing apparatus patent, JP-S62114715-A: Plate thickness control device for rolled stock patent, JP-S62116573-A: Fluorine-containing cyclic ether patent, JP-S62116801-A: Method and device for stabilizing load of boiler patent, JP-S62116897-A: Liquid metering and filling equipment patent, JP-S62117128-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S62117259-A: Alkaline zinc storage battery patent, JP-S62117400-A: Manufacture of superconducting plate for magnetic shield patent, JP-S62118194-A: Electric fan patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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